Hypothetically speaking of course
  • Me: yeah I'm a writer
  • Hypothetical stranger: oh really? Have I seen your work?
  • Me: Shit, idk hold on let me ask the universe
  • Me: universe has he read my shit
  • Universe:
  • Universe: no, not your shit
  • Me: no sorry bro
  • Hypothetical stranger: well who's your publisher?
  • Me: publisher? Oh yeah I publish like more than a bunch of times a day until I hit post limit yeah
  • Hypothetical stranger: post what? Who's your publisher?
  • Me: David Karp ok
  • hypothetical stranger: who's that? What company?
  • Me: omg shut up, tumblr you inconsiderate ass
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Posted on Monday, 1 October
Tagged as: stupid shit I think of scenario I'm so dumb
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